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Sunday, September 20, 2009

1 Week of Recovery Running

My son and I hiked the 7 Sisters trail today, a few miles of it, and I shot the video above. I need to run this by the end of the year. At the race in May I hobbled along a couple miles as spectator.

At some point in the past month, I wrote a lengthly report on my injury which died somwhere in cyberspace. It didn't seem worth re-writing it. I've managed to recover from another stress fracture. Last October it was my right foot, this time it was my left. If all continues to go well, I can run through the part of the season I missed out on last year. I took 4 weeks off to due to this injury. It was an undiagnosed stress fracture, or at least only diagnosed by myself. Two bad excuses, maybe I'm just a hypochondriac and maybe I can still compete in the 5k Grand Prix series, ten days into this 'time off' I ran a 5k. This may have seriously set me back in my recovery. I feel lucky, as I logged almost 20 miles last week without complaint from the foot.

The Baystate Marathon is a month away. This is tempting, to meet this commitment to run my first marathon. There's no chance of the BQ I wanted, but I could still find a worthy goal. A more worthy goal would be to skip it, take it off the table now, and offer my spot to a teammate from my running club. I'm very undecided. There are other temptations along the way to Baystate. At Monroe trail race last year I won my Age Group for the first time, and would like to take another stab at it 3 weeks from now. 5 weeks out is the Bimbler's Bluff 50k where I was a DNF due to the stress fracture I ran through at Monroe last year. More than any of this, I just want to stay healthy and running.

My only concrete plans at this point will be to offer my Baystate entry to any club member who wants it, while I keep my head down and just try to repeat the success of this past week of low-key but thoroughly enjoyable running.