Current Training Status: not blogging... running.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Massive Long Run

This is what I'm in the mood for. This morning, I calculated all my training paces for a Boston BQ, using the Runner's World advanced plan. Just looking for speedwork ideas and general weekly structure. My mile PR is called my 'cruise' pace! This is gonna be tough, but I think I can pull it off. Next question to answer for myself is, where can I find a reliable track environment? I'll do a google flyover of the terrain between here and work, first of all. Baystate is 13 weeks away!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wrapping Up & Moving On

Sunday, July 12, the Ascutney Race will conclude my 3rd mountain racing season. I've gotten to compete against some dedicated runners from all over New
England in the past three years. Can't say I've been much of a series competitior this season, but among my familiar crowd I am a contender. In particular, James Porter is the man for me to beat on Sunday. I was able to fight off his incredible surge at Loon last weekend. In 2008 I passed him as we crested the mighty final ascent of that race, and he was out for blood. At Ascutney last year, he was the guy I could not beat. Ascutney is a different race this year, the course has changed to add some trails, but dusting him will be a goal.

This is the second year in a row that I've been sort of jobless and racing in the White Mountains at incredible expense. Last year I was laid off from a crappy job in June. In July I found part time work at FedEx, third shift, and enrolled in state funded program to get a CNC Operator certificate from the local Technical Community College. I completed that short program just before Mountain Season started, with flying colors. Honestly, I was one of the best students in the program. Still, it took a few rejections before I found a job in my field as a machine programmer. On Monday I'll start my first full-time job in a year at Litron Inc. Actually, this is my first real job ever, salaried job with a 401k and benefits. Litron operates at the top of it's field, and it's amazing to find myself there after less than a year studying at a community college, but this is for real.

The banner at the top of this blog referrs to the EORC Grand Prix Series, and this will be my running focus while I begin my new carreer. Each week, at the Holyke Elk's 5k, I'll be competing to earn points in the 12 week series. From the start a few weeks ago, three of us have been neck and neck. Myself, Spencer and Jay. We're all in the 30's age group and in the EORC club. Competition is fierce, but didn't stop the group from working together this past week. Another team member coached the three of us to a sub-20 finish, and I'm proud to have led the way. Spencer and I are tied for 2nd and 3rd place in the series right now, and the competition will continue. He is a deterimined opponent.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Long Run

It is time. Sunday,I took over 7 minutes off my best Loon Mtn. time. It was a great race, but all I've been doing lately is racing. Time for a multi-hour long run. This is the only day of the week to do it. Just mapped this out. It's half trail and half road like the Ascutney race will be, this coming Sunday. Might not get me home before dark, but it is a full moon.

Now, I'm not out the door yet. Hopefully I'll actually run this one, unlike my last post.