Current Training Status: not blogging... running.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Crosslite Shoes from Sportiva

They've addressed every issue I've ever had with this
shoe. First pair, my Raceblades busted an eyelet
minutes before a race and the unsupported mesh on the
forefoot was ripped to shreds on the trail. The
Fireblades have been pretty bulletproof but after
running in Innov-8s I found the tread lugs way too

These Crosslights have gnarly treads and a nifty lace
snugging panel, with sturdy-looking construction. The
notorious Tony K. wrote them up on his blog. He made
modifications on his Crosslites, that described as
'extensive carving', pretty funny. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pomeroy Mtn. Half

Here I go, the big run of the week. 4 mile hill on this run, carrying 16 oz. perp+heed. This course looks great, longest incline in a long time.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Abominable Yeti

Here I go, a 5 mile snowshoe attempt tonight.  Bringing drinks and snacks purely as a precaution.  Probably setting out for a warm up around Wright Pond at 5:30 and in snowshoes by 5:50.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Local 8 Mile Route

It is in Trailrunner, climb of 414' based on the USATF data. Out I go. The weather is warming up, no jacket, and I'll not carry any drink on the run. This mileage is a stretch, maybe, having done 11 Saturday and hiking a couple miles on snowshoes yesterday.  Tomorrow night I may or may not try to run the 'Hamp  course on snowshoes.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

D.H.Jones Training Run

Once a month the club meets to run this course, training for the race on Feb 24th. It has one big hill that steadily increases its grade to maybe 10%, definitely slowed me down today. Tough to find real hills out here, I mean mountains. There aren't many mountains of course, and I need to train on mountains.

So, 10 miles today in 1:20:16. That was great pace, I had a side stitch or stomach cramp for a few miles that left me for the final hills. Without that I would probably have run too fast. USATF says 800' but I'll bet it's 1000. I ran last weekend's run in just under 2 hours, much slower than today but with much more power on the hills.

After that run my old stress fracture was aching and tender to the touch. Today, no such issue. Facing that demon, over the week I ran the First Night 5k, 3 miles snowshoeing Wednesday, 2 miles running and 3 miles snowshoeing Thursday, and a day off Friday. So using snowshoeing to avoid impact worked, though I learned how poor my LLBean models are for running.

Tomorrow morning I will try to take Nye to the club's first Fun Run at Dick and Linda's in Amherst, for a mile. Tuesday I may snowshoe with Jay if he is game.