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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The M+M-athon is ON!

Before 9 AM we will rendevous at the finish area, the Oxbow's boat launch, and drive down to the start, dropping what supplies are necessary.  The temps will most likely start climbing soon after we start, into the 80's, from a humid but cool morning.  The skies are foercast to be clear, but we'll be well shaded for 90% of the run so that should not be an issue.  I will be looking at a possible 6 -7 hour experience here.  Late in the run, the terrain will become very slow and wear on the feet. These will be feet that crossed a river, early in the race.  This should present the major challenge, all the fueling and hydration issues should be well supplied by what we drop along the route. 
The one person who answered the call for this run with me is a seasoned ultra runner in my running club.  Everyone has their story about running with Ed.  Our last excursion together was to Escarpment, lightning and hail in the Catskills of NY.  He has run this trail before with friends of his, training for 50 - 100 mile races.  I've run each section multiple times, and will be following the white blazes of the M+M exclusively.  That should prevent a repeat of the other club member's stories, such as  20 mile runs that became 25 ...etc.  Of course, I did wind up with a serious puncture wound the last time I ran one section of this trail, so anything is possible.  Ed and I are well matched for pace and fitness right now, and we should have a great time.  The Metacomet ridgeline's views and unique geology are often breathtaking, regardless of the miles underfoot.
This is still an open event for anyone lurking out there, I have a hit counter and know there are visitors.  I was attracted to this particular run for the opportunity to accomplish a marathon distance trail run and to experience a distinct section of this historic trail in a single effort.  The M+M trial is now a national scenic trail, it has its own rich history.  This is evident when you first put your feet into that 12-18 inch singletrack trench on the ridgeline.  It has given many a runner a unique training opportuntiy to bring to other courses and competitions, the real draw is to be a part of that history.  Anyone who can meet at the Oxbow on Route 5 around 9 AM is welcome to join us.

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