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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One Year Blogging

There goes the milestone. Over 1300 views, over 1000 uniques, thanks for stopping by folks! I returned to school this year and found my writing skills in decent shape, primarily due to posting and writing race reports. The blog serves me well. I used to be someone who exclusively hand-wrote everything, even if it went to the word processor afterwards. A shoulder injury made this very uncomfortable, and I lost the discipline of writing for awhile. Thanks to anyone who showed up here, where I post, and was counted on the little counter I check. There is always the expectation of a reader when writing. Blog visitors add a useful dynamic, even if some percentage is the google-bot.

My foot is still a-hurtin. Work hasn't really given it the best chance to heal, but it is much better. I took 2 weeks off, then ran last week to find some pain afterwards. It will be 10 days since then that I'll run the Hot Chocolate Run in Northampton. The big toe and arch of my right foot haven't hurt in days. This morning, I had some random pain in another joint of the same foot. Somehow, this makes me feel more positive about the big toe. The 5k will be on pavement, smooth and cushy in new road shoes. I won't be breaking in the new pair of shoes in, to avoid re-injuring my foot, but I will be racing on Saturday.

Here's my attempt at intelligence and sanity. If I can't expect to return to regular running immediately, based on how my foot feels after the race, I won't. I'll take the next 2 weeks off and run a gentle 5 miles at the last EORC Grand Prix Race, the Hanukkah 5 Miler. At that point, if all is not better, the workload at Fed Ex will allow my foot to heal over an entire month of not running. So this injury will have affected me for most of 4 months. Now, that hurts!


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog while googling for Ron Hebert road race and then noticed you finished just ahead of me in that race as well as Jones Town & Country. Funny thing is, the old guy you had mentioned in that blog is Ned James, lives nearby me. I think he was trying to beat me at any cost :). Your blogs are fun to read and remind me of some local races that I may have overlooked. I think you might be the one I literally bumped into @ around mile 2 of Mayor Higgins. If it was you yesterday, then it was a nice comeback from your injury. In any case I wish you a fast recovery from your foot injury with some winter races coming up. I don't blog myself but list my races on athlinks and runningahead. -Sri

corrade said...

Yup, Sri, that was me. We were shoulder to shoulder approaching the 2 mile mark. I enjoy racing with you, it's always a challenge to catch up. My foot was a little sore, so I don't think I'll be doing much training before my next race. My running club supports the Hanukah race in E. Longmeadow on the 21st, if I don't see you there I'm sure we'll knock elbows somewhere else soon. Thanks for visiting my blog!