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Friday, February 29, 2008

Monday, this is the big'un. Over half my weekly mileage in one run. It will be an epic tour of Southampton, Holyoke and Easthampton. At the limit of comfort, about 15 miles, I will hit the Mount Tom Reservation Road. Over half the climb in the last 5 miles! What the heck am I expecting do do with this? Basically a Marathon training run here? One now, again late March, and mid April before my MoreFun taper. By Monday I'll have a plan of where to stash aid, where to focus on slow recovery of my form and mind, and where to commit to the climbs to come. Joe says, 'by yourself?' Who else would do a run like this? Next month I'll be in the trails for sure for over 2000' over 20+ miles, and mid range runs will include the 7 Sisters trail. Weekly mileage won't be back in the 20's until Mountain Race season. What a motivating run, tomorrow I am going to do a short run from work with 200+' climb to take this month over 10,000' total in February.

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