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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winter Is A Total Mess

It only takes 3 inches of slushy crap to ruin everything.  Maybe the trails are fine, but I want about 18 miles tomorrow.  Visiting the Res, there is 3 inches of slush scrubbed and pounded to solid ice by plows in many places.  Melt is running across it and will be frozen tomorrow night.  All the local roads are narrowed by the mess, which is wet and cold.  The idea of myself and cars on that crap is ridiculous.  So Mount Tom, tomorrow is a group run and Mount Tom is a big old scary hill.  The group will most likely not join me and it will be the first group run I've missed.  I posted an invitation anyway and mapped the route, a good 1600' for 2 out and back laps, 17 miles.

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