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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Loon & The Pemi-Loop

Fifth race in the series, Loon Mountain. This is 90% uphill with a short respite before the last half mile which remains the steepest sustained climb I've seen. I'm going to run the entire thing before this last half mile. Power hiking is still not my strong suit, but I can build up some steam and this time really stick to a run/walk strategy. Strategy being different from resigning to a walk at points. Then it is a gondola ride down, hope it is a clear day for a a good view and an overview of the Pemi-Loop.
There is a Fat Ass 50k race, an unsupported and unofficial 31+ mile run around the Pemi -Loop, beginning at 6:30 am. If I head out reverse on the course, I can get a few/five hours of running in and possibly cross paths with some ultra-runners I follow on the web. I'll be carrying a lot of extra water to share if any of them are in dire need. I'll actually carry as much as possible for the training experience. Escarpment is less than a month away, and after that I'm running a 50k myself somewhere somehow.

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