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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Running Again

There is a great deal of stiffness in my ankle, and entire illiotibial band, so it is time to get it all moving and see what happens. Seems I'll have a knot in my muscles for a while and it will keep me from really pushing things, worst problem is that it throws the mechanics of my knee off. At Escarpment this could translate into an injury if I get reckless, so somehow I have to discipline myself on the downhills.
In any case, this Blog will once again focus on mapping future runs. What a great dumping ground for race-report yammering it has been. The woods drew blood last week, and at the moment this is the only attempt I make to let others know where I'll be. This isn't even close to the level of precaution others take, but it's what I got. Somehow, I will reformat things to make Race Reports more accessible or give my different activities here their own format.
So, today I'll take off for a longer, flat run. Nine miles on the Manhan Rail trail. In all probability it will be cut short because I'll be exhausted by training at 2 new jobs today. I feel I can take a nice slow run at this distance though, and this will be the longest run before Escarpment to jump-start my endurance.

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