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Monday, October 6, 2008

Long Runs for Bimbler's Bluff

Since running the Pisgah 50k, there hasn't been anything longer than 10 for me. So, this week is a double header, a 20+ run and a run in the upper teens. Here's what's on the slate for possibilities:
The Mount Tom Madness, marathon distance climbing run ...

A Trip around the Holyoke Reservoirs, with a bonus trip up Mt. Tom past it's Reservoir ...

And/or a shorter extendable trip across the Mt. Tom escarpment and/or the rolling hills of Bray Valley ...

The trees are just beginning to turn, there is a chill to the air, and frost is forecast for tomorrow morning. Fall is here, tomorrow I'm probably going to hit Mt. Tom for at least 12 miles, maybe some combination of the runs above.
Last week's runs went well to prepare me for Conway, yesterday. I had a great run, seconds from a PR on a very tough course. My son got a great hand-made finisher's medallion and won a RoadID gift certificate. The sc enery was great and the course was fun. Next race will be Monroe Dunbar Brook, this Sunday

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