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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Breakneck 20k

Great name for a Trail Race! Breakneck takes place in Union, CT, the same parkland as the Nipmuck Trail Races. The footing in those two races is notoriously difficult. I expect this to be great preparation for a shot at Monroe Trail Race the very next weekend. There is no goal time for me, this is a long run. It will be the longest I've run since being sent to the sideline at Savoy. The map below is approximate:

Over the past week I've taken time off due to some plantar fascitis pain. My calves and legs in general were very very tight. I've been very dilligent about ab workouts over the past few weeks, and wonder if there isn't some strength imbalance going on. My diet and sleep habits have been less than ideal, and changing that over the period of two days made a world of difference. I'm going to continue being as dilligent about recovery as I am about my workouts and slowly grow my mileage.

I have a goal race in mind, the Monson Memorial Classic 1/2 Marathon. There will be plenty of races in the meantime, mostly Grand Tree series races that I'll do more as general workouts than races. Of course, the temptation of Bastate Marathon is only 2 weeks away now. I've paid for it and the RD will not let me postpone till 2010 or transfer my entry, so it looks like the Half Marathon there will be the plan.

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