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Sunday, October 4, 2009

On Second Thought ...

Breakneck, what a scary name for a race! I decided against this, it is far too early after my recovery to hit a trail so technical. The fastest times for that 12.4 mile race were 1:45-50. That told me there was a lot of mud or rocks or something, and my feet are not conditioned to that stuff at this point.

Instead, I opted for a shorter local race, the Fit Together 5k in Hadley. It was a nice little race, and may have been actually 3.1 miles. If not, it wasn't too much shorter, and I ran a 20:17. I didn't have much speed or energy toward the end, but I kept a steady pace. Skipping Breakneck, I believe I dodged a bullet. This weekend last year, I began running a sore foot into a stress fracture that took 6 months to heal. Today's choice is quite an improvement in my book.

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Trail Pixie said...

I was looking for you and sorry to miss seeing you there! IT was muddy and technical and FUN. Still, there were lots of slippery rocks and roots. I think you made a wise choice given your recovery period. It would have set you back, I think.