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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Extended Holiday

Fed Ex takes a day off today, it seems. There was no announcement about this and I was pissed off when I showed up for work today at 3:45 AM to find an empty parking lot. Our 3rd shift is operated on a skeleton crew and very informally, but a friggin note with my paycheck would have been nice. So, they'll be geting a firm line from me from now on, I'll take on more responsibility only with more $$. No more reckless, limitless work-ethic enthusiasm for them. For Mt. Tom, however, I will give a couple hours of my time. The sun rises there in 20-30 minutes.

I'm going to start at 141, and run the course backwards. At the windmill, above the ski trail, I'll make a trip down for the awesome view of the sunrise. Not sure if the camera will accompany me but I'll if it's possible shortly. Coming back up to rejoin the M+M on the escarpment at the cell towers, this adds 3 miles to the course and over 1000' of climbing.
My legs feel pretty good this morning. I was very sore yesterday from the Wapack race. That was a very competetive run, the distance is right for me right now. I almost got dehydrated in the last 4 miles and pulled it together with courage to drink my water bottle dry. That was an issue after puking on Mt. Tom due to over-hydration. In any case, only a couple people passed me late in the race. The course seemed so easy compared to 3 months ago, at the MorFun version. I stayed within a minute of the last guy to paas me and noticed he was wearing bib number 1, afterwards. I don't think he was the previous winner, but maybe the record holder and definitely the race-director. This was the guy who gave the pre-race breifing at the starting line, Paul Funch. Well I'd hate to miss much of this sunrise, off I go.

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