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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I encourage you to wander onto the sidebar of my website. The tiled images there lead to various non-mainstream points of view on non-running topics, as well as my local running club. Many raise unpopular concerns. Some of these sites deal with the attacks of September 11th, 2001, health problems of our heros, and political problems that persist since that day.
Open dialogue is hard wired into this great country, 'We the People', one button shows the text of our Constitution. Another leads to a video by Ron Paul, instructing his supporters after McCain secured the party nomination. 'What do you think about the United States of America?' My cousin and his friends travelled the world asking people this question and filming the world's response. They created an award winning documentary from the footage, called 'The Listening Project'. It is a great film, about America, in the voice of the rest of the world as common people exercise what we call, 'Freedom of Speech'. This is a new link and I hope you follow it.
Everyone can agree, 7 years ago a terrorist attack aimed directly at our liberty was felt the world over, war soon began. I am posting this in honor of those that fell on that day, to honor those heroes who answered the call and now fight for their own lives, and for those that continue the fight for our Liberty and for Justice. God Bless America!

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