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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Five.. Four.. Three.. Two.. One.. PISGAH!!!

Five days away, four from tomorrow morning, ahh the anxiety is building before the Pisgah 50k. I've tapered through an injury this past week. My back is acting up and the first weeks of college since I left 7 years ago have exhausted me. This week will be less mileage than the 31.5 at Pisgah. I'll only run a couple times in the next few days. Tonight it is already dusk, but I'll go out for this run. Carrying a flashlight and a water bottle, I'll summit Mt. Tom. This has become my new home, close to home. I used to run primarily around where I worked, but have not scouted any new training grounds in Chicopee and Springfield where work and school bring me. This should be my last hilly run, mountainous run. Mt. Tom is rugged enough to be called a Mountain though it is really a low ridgeline.

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