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Thursday, June 4, 2009

East Mtn. Holyoke

This is one of the best local trail workouts I know, a short tour of the Southern East Mtn. range. Much like 7 Sisters course, but not as dynamic. Last year, running every little summit of the East Mtn. range was a project that developed my running skills quite a bit. This cuts short of the Northern End which is truly brutal terrain.

[Edited these maps to reflect the actual run.
The first four miles below link to the second map, last four miles below finish the run.]

I'll run this before the Elks 5k tonight, then volunteer at the race. My final training for Mt. Washington is shaping up nicely. I plan some repeats at Mt. Toby on Saturday, a long tempo run during the week on roads up to Pomeroy Mtn., and I'll run a couple short races for speedwork. Next weekend, Northfield will be my last hard uphill run before the big day.

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