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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

East Mountain

On Friday or Saturday, I'll be on East Mountain for a few hours of running. This is for a long one, taking the dogged unflagging persistance of my winter road habits to the trails. I don't plan to walk. Probably will Take the Cauldron Trail from Ashley to Bush Notch and hit the 7 mile Lane Quarry route, then come back through the Notch across the Ridgeline to 202, and back into the res. That is about 15 miles, couple thousand feet.

It is time for a long run, and I had been looking for almost 20. The trail adds significant time. Friday will be the best weather for awhile, and the only long run for over a week. I may tack on a five mile loop past 202, coming back along Cherry St. WMA trails or the White Lightning hill of the M+M.

Encore? I blew the race. I showed up too late, felt bad that and didn't bother to even get a shirt. I ran decent, passed people the whole way which really screwed up my sense of pace. Totally overtrained, over-taxed schedule wise from the Meineke mornings etc. Still a PR on their clock, and showed me my potential is much greater. Just get me out to the trails! .

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