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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Whiting Reservoir to Lake Bray

Maybe I'll run this again tomorrow. Yesterday, I headed out on Whiting and decided to explore, got kind of lost! Nothing to drink, only t-shirt and shorts, 1:20 ish for 8.5 Miles. I'm unsure of the mapping so I want to run it again anyway. I find I have zero interest in tapering, simple as that. I want to run what I want to run. This one I can run fast on the reservoir for 2 miles before and after the trail silliness. Maybe I'll cut it short, cut out bray pond itself, just explore the red blazed trail I discovered yesterday.

The quarry is posted with huge signs for 'HIKERS' to follow a trail on the periphery, where I used to run on the road. The connecting trail between Whiting and Mountain Park road, at the back corner of the reservoir, is obstructed. Someone simply knocked 3 trees across the trail. No signage, just a pile of destruction to stop misuse. I do not misuse this area so I'll run right over it, I'll follow signage but this destructive crap goes on at Ashley too. I have no respect for what is done without respect.

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