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Monday, March 31, 2008

Ron Hebert 8 Mile, Sunday, April 6

This will end my 'As-Flat-As-Possible' week. The St. Pat's race beat me up pretty good, sore left heel from the long downhill following Mike Butler, 42:24. I appreciate that some traditional speed workouts would prepare me for this kind of thing. Endurance is no problem but my race pace is weak, unfamiliar.

So now an enforced break from uphill running, only hiking is allowed. My current training strategies have run their course. There has to be both more time for flat faster paces, and more sustained climbs in the next three months before Mt. Washington. Only 2 months of flexible training leaves time for possibly 3 road trips to sustained climbs of 3+ miles.

The M+M marathon training run is pretty much on the shelf till July/August. A crazy 20 Miler on Mount Tom may be a better idea. I'll have a little 5K on Thursday to get some speed back under my legs before the long, uphill battle, Sunday at Hebert.

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