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Saturday, March 22, 2008

East Mountain Complete (Lane Quarry to Cherry WMA)

Elks to Lane Quarry, Across the Ridgeline almost to 141, back to the Elks. This is a very ambitious run. I'm posting from work, where I'm just realizing how ambitious it is. I've mapped out 23 miles and 3000', which could take as long as 5 hours! Leaving the house with all preparations, I only took 2 long run bottles, good for about 4 hours. So, I'll have a cliff bar in my pocket.

The main goal is to tackle all of East Mountain from the Elks. The M+M trail follows the ridgeline where it can, and a lower lying parallel trail connects with the reservoir where I usually run with friends. The south portion of the M+M has to dodge a Quarry, but I'll run both the M+M and the ridgeline through the quarry property as it will break up the run nicely.

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