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Friday, June 26, 2009

Cranmore to Black Cap

Sunday will be my third Cranmore Hill Climb. Year to year the course changes, but it looks just about the same this year as last year. It will be two clockwise laps with incredibly steep uhpills and a more gradual downhill. Weather looks reasonably good, unlike the torrential downpours and lightning storm that kicked off the 2008 edition. I'd like to extend my run a little further after the race. It turns out Cranmore is really a foothill to Black Cap Mountain, which rises an additional 1000 feet.

Still a short peak, less than 2500' with a base at about 500' elevation. There is a decent loop to the summit of Black Cap and back that isn't much longer than the race, maybe shorter overall. If I'm feeling up to it on Black Cap, I have the option of looping over to Peaked Mountain. A three peak day would be nice.


Trail Pixie said...

Chris- this you? Did you hike back up to the Cranmore summit and over to B-head? I notice the two maps are different but I am not sure if one of them (or both) reflect(s) the Uphill Climb. Watch out of Paul K will make the 2010 CRanmore to Blackhead. woah.
Well, now that could be a good thing.

corrade said...

Please excuse my blog, Emily, it's a mess.

Never made it up to Black Cap. A foot that's been bothering me said no, and it is getting better. This summer is about learning how not to injure myself and still go faster. So far it seems to involve not taking things so seriously and having more fun in fewer miles.

Nice gaiters by the way. I'm in the market for a new pair ... hmmm.