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Saturday, April 5, 2008

I Had A Dream

My mountain field trips may be significantly curtailed. There aren't tall hills around here, so hill repeats are the rule. I've mapped the most challenging climb close to home, 7000' at Mt. Tom, under 6 hours to run. Not now, not soon, most likely I'll run this after Wapack. The idea to run every summit at Mt. Tom was a logical extension of my 10 mile summit repeats there last year, and now it seemed usefull to take a closer look.

This is another 'Found Marathon', like the M+M Trail Marathon from the CT line to the Connecticut River. My long run plans are to complete the East Mountain Complete course that I bailed out on 2 weeks ago, in the daylight this Thursday. I'd like to put the word out about a Marathon attempt on the M+M, Monday the 21st. If all is well I should take a shot at the Mt. Tom Madness, ohh sometime in August?

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