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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

10 Miler Saturday, Tomorrow?

Sunday's Hanukkah Race left me sore even though I ran
slow. Could not move fast, though I though I
prepared pretty well. Rather, I did not tackle the
long run from Westfield that I've been planning.
Restraint is not preparation. Sore all over is better
than injured at a weak spot, I suppose. Somehow
though I'm soured to this 'restraint' business.

So, I am simply not going to think too much about
racing 10 hard hilly miles Saturday. On resdogs list,
Jeannie posted about this race down in CT, "...Top
runners from around the world ... pictures,
controversial interviews, and attractive women! $100
for a new men's course record ... toughest and the
best 10-Mile Race in Connecticut..." a total joke, of
course. More seriously, Jay responded calling it,
"...a very challenging and beautiful course though the
backhills of no-where..." and Jeannie shoots back,
"Jay, I've run this twice and would agree with your
assessment...hills, middle of no-where, pub...and may
I add, beer."

Ahh, hills. Goofy Graustein race management, the topo
map is undulating and USATF's elevation ... well this
is a blog and there it is after all. I mentioned it
to Jay at the Hanukkah race and got a non-committal
response, with a wince. Tomorrow would be a great day
for a thorough crunch through the East Mountain
Trails, 10-ish slushy miles. 12 paved miles of Hills
moments, away await at Mount Tom. 4 days from a race
I want to PR at, is that wise? I need an hour, plus
of workout slightly harder than my last hour, plus, of
any distance.

Now, is this the better blog? No. This will be
whittled down to display the running and wandering
territory for the reference of anyone concerned. The
runlog is elsewhere. These diversions are most likely
a waste of time. Iran? of course I ran, but any
political bologna from the news is irrelevant. Some
reflection on locations, can't reflect at length in
the runlog so this may be the spot or it may not. Got
hits on the counter after posting bad news, well screw that.

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