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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Competence vs. Performance

The run this afternoon was spectacular. Despite 3
miles of unplowed ice covered snow, I kept up an
overall pace above 10:00 without hurting myself. The
last 5 feet before the Nonotuck parking lot stopped me
cold, solid ice except where an oak leaf might have
drawn some heat. I hopped from leaf to leaf and made
it. Slipped and slid a few feet before decending to
East St. That is a great climb. Was a little sore
but could still push it to the lookout tower, and
though my groin ached on my challenged right side, and
my right foot was sore as usual, I felt very competent
and secure in a performance this Saturday. About mile
8, I had an epiphany similar to 20 years ago when I
learned to fire a pistol. Performance and Competence
share the same relationship as Precision and Accuracy.

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