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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Doo Doo, Doo Doo,

Here comes the sun,

I say, "Robert A. Hawkins, 19, opened fire at 1:42
p.m. Wednesday." SSRI test subjects in the care of
the state seem particularly reactive to solar events.
Look at it ramp up. While I returned from lunch in
the breakroom this nut snuck in to the mall and put
the brakes on destiny killing 8. Heard Limbaugh
barely defend the 2nd amendment today in response.
Bush, either about this or the bogus Iran
intelligence, is showing considerrable pharmacological
damage to his central nervous system. The breath
convulses during expository remarks. The beautiful
wig today provoked one of the most intense interior
monologues I've recently had, religion. I say, it's

I will run today to the East Mountain Bluff for a
possible repeat, during the group run in the dark
tonight. Realized last night at the meeting, I have
no idea how I should be running right now in
preparation for Escarpment and Washington.

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