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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Trailrunner's Running software has occupied all my run
documenting energies. This past Christmas weekend was
a logistical nightmare, but a lot of fun when all the
dust settled. I managed to give Nye a great
Christmas, with Grandma Holly and Duffy. Duffy was
well behaved and it was awesome to have a little dog
around. I even snuck in plenty of running when an
absurd turn of events on Christmas Day left me at
Walmart in Noho with only my running shoes and a
bottle of Iced Tea to take me home. It wasn't until
today, the day after Christmas and well past noon,
that I was able to untangle the actual sequence of
events over the past couple days. I was totally
exhausted all day today. I am ready to move foward,
and am unsure of where that will lead me.

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