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Monday, December 3, 2007

A Day Without Dagobah

It is trying to snow. All night a freezing rain built
about an inch of white crust over everything. School
was cancelled, and I won't run the run I'd planned
today. Even in the horrible weather I would have
headed up the M+M from Route 20 in West Springfield.
From the ridgeline, the trail quickly descends and
threads its way around a bog below Bearhole Reservoir.
There are thickets and blow downs and off camber
scrambles. A neat wide Jeep trail and dirt road
bypass this. Friday, after 30 mins on the M+M, it
swung back up from the bog where I caught that Jeep
trail, and I was back to the beginning of the M+M in
10 minutes! Despite that I would have wound my way
around down there today and continued along the
ridgelines I've not run since September, even in the
rain and crusty mess.

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