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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

7 Sisters Ridgeline

Leaves are on the boughs, ahhh spring!  The Pocumtuck ridgeline was home turf, the same toothy basalt as East Mtn.  Got lost, backtracked for 12th place which felt great.  Saw the familiar dedicated crowd from last year's Grand Tree races.  The next day I did run Mt. Toby, twice, and that is not as homey.  Completly different rocks there, awesome climb.  I did both sides, the race course climb and the Telephone Trail.  After visiting the bluff above Ashley today I tallied the month's climbing, over 13,000'.  In the last three days I climbed 3,100, more than the previous week!   This weekend brings a greater test, close to 4000' in one grueling morning.  
The 7 Sisters map is an approximation, such an amazing and immeasurable trajectory across those peaks.  In the year since last race I have not been back, though I've gotten an eyefull of the ridgeline from route 9 and 91 every week.  Bringing the training from other locations to 7 Sisters seems a better test of myself.  The same ridgeline of extruded magma lies west of the CT river, I've run that so many times.  So decisively separated from 7 Sisters, water dividing the handiwork of earth's fire, and the story of some guy who used to swim the river to continue the trail south.
Wapack is the following Saturday, over 4000' of climbing in 21 miles.  Do I flatten out my running between the two?  I'll want to stretch the legs like I did today on the little summit run.  Wearing my new racing flats feels incredible, a short climb like that is therapeutic and the rest of the week should be the flat races etc.  The easiest answer for the next month is to  explore that monstrous Mt. Tom run I mapped to 26 miles.  After Wapack I 'll do parts of it.  Focused, slow workloads of thousands of feet twice a week. 

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