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Friday, April 11, 2008

Eagle & Eyrie

This was the best spring has offered yet, warm breezes and sunshine in the 60's.  I am sore from Hebert, my left calf and tendons are complaining and  are in no condition for 20+ miles.   East Mountain Complete, maybe next week.  
A group actually took up an invitation I posted to a 'Sunset Summit Cooldown' after tonight's race.  After I ran a course PR somehow, I had a good run with them, great time on a good hill.  The invite was meant to  inject some fun into a running club obsessed with bickering.  Success also against the Mile Blight, our mile marker is discovered and will stop defacing the res.  
Plenty of miles, just a few more tomorrow in the same hills.  It doesn't bother this injury to tackle that terrain, somehow the flat reservoir hurts it more.  Two days more or less off, and then little runs before the Complete, next thursday.

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