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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunday Morning Mt. Toby Repeat

The East Mtn. trails were excellent in the light rain yesterday. Just a hike today, need a rest day but will hike up Mt. Tom to get my climbing over 2000' for the week. Tomorrow morning I will rise early, drive up to Sunderland and run Mt. Toby before picking up Nye in North Amherst. Toby is taller than Mt. Tom, but I don't recall really much about it since my race there last year was lousy. The 45 minutes of driving and maybe 45 minutes of running will have me getting up at about 7:30 am on my day off.

Monday will be a rest day with a trip to the Dentist and Job hunting to do. I may try to sneak off to the Noho 5K, but will definitely do the East Mtn. Complete run of 23+ miles on Thursday, may go for the marathon distance! That will end the distance projects for the time being, any other 'Found Marathons' must wait till after MorFun Wapack, and should be put off till July. I may substitute these for races to save entry and travel $, enforced savings.

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