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Monday, April 21, 2008

Same Mtn. Different Day

Tomorrow I'm taking another shot at the East Mtn. Complete course.  I goofed up the hydration last time, there were inner ear/sinus problems that interfered with breathing, the course is relentlessly rocky and offers feet no relief from stoning until the last 2 miles.  Ahhh, but I did complete every summit of East Mountain.  The last 8 miles sucked, because I couldn't breathe well.  2:15 at the half was very good, I think.  5:15 at the end of 24 miles was unfortunate.  I want to do it about half an hour quicker tomorrow morning.  I walked so much of the last 8 miles, I logged it in halves.  I felt fine the next day and took a day off as scheduled anyway.  Then I wrenched my back on Saturday, and didn't run Sunday resting my back.  I rode my bike with Nye though.  Today I ran while Nye rode and felt pretty good, a bit sore.  I will do my therapeutic excercises tonight, and set off tomorrow for whatever I can, with extra water stashed.

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